How to Stand Out as a Model

It’s no joke: the modeling industry is hard. Trying to stand out in a sea of similar faces, heights, and body types can be tricky. How do you, an aspiring model, differentiate yourself from the crowd of identical models to catch the attention of an agency? While there are usually requirements already set out by an agency, such as certain heights and measurements, there are other valuable tricks you can adapt that go beyond the standards that are set in place. Read on to learn about how you can go beyond the basics and stand out in the ever-so competitive modeling world.

Social Media Presence

Social media makes it easier than ever for models to showcase their portfolio. Agencies use social media platforms frequently to scout out new talent or use it as a part of their signing process. If the only selfie on your profile is of you rocking braces from way back in 2013, agencies will be less likely to be interested or to follow up with you. If you are consistently active on social media and always post your best shots on your profile, you will start to build a following and get your name out in the modeling world. Agencies will be impressed if they see you already have a successful social media presence, and it gives them an easy way to look through your best shots!

Positive Attitude

Don’t underestimate the value of being positive. A good attitude goes a long way in the modeling world. Even if you bring incredible features to the table, once you show up to meet with an agency and have a negative attitude about everything, are rude to the staff or other models, or are just straight-up a bad person to work with, they will not want to sign with you. When you meet with an agency, remember to put on a smile and show them your best attitude. If you bring good energy into the room, agencies will notice and be more likely to sign with you. Make sure to always happily follow their directions, politely answer all their questions, and overall prove that you are a great model to work with.

Be Original & Show your Unique Side

Don’t think standing out as a model is necessarily a bad thing! If your instincts tell you to cover up your unique features and blend in with other models, take a second look in the mirror. Use what makes you different to help you stand out as a model and own your look! Some of the most well-known models in the industry have used their unique features and turned them into iconic looks that are recognized all over the globe: Tyra Banks learned to appreciate her large forehead, Cara Delevingne rocks her thick, bushy eyebrows, and Winnie Harlow embraces her skin condition which helped launch her career as a fashion model. Next time you feel like covering up your unique features, try showing them off—they may just help you stand out!


Agencies consider more than just looks when thinking about signing with a model. Proving to an agency that you are professional and easy to work with can be just as important when deciding which models to go with. You may not think that the little things like these matter to an agency if you have the look they are going for, but showing up on time, following directions, communicating well, and being dependable are all qualities that every model should have. Mastering these professional skills will always be beneficial to your modeling career!


Confidence is key! I am sure you have heard this phrase countless times over the course of your lifetime, but it could not be more true! In the modeling world, confidence is everything! Even if you believe you measure up to every aspect an agency is looking for, they might not see potential in you if you don’t own your presence. But if you radiate confidence the moment you walk into the room, the agency will notice. Your self-confidence might even be the defining factor for why they decide to go with you instead of another model! So don’t be shy—if you need to, fake it ‘till you make it. Your confidence will always speak volumes.

-Natalie H.

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