Orientation Nation! Our Latest Agency Signing

This past Saturday, January 26th, was Mac Talent Agency’s latest orientation, and




“I love all you guys already” could be heard from the back of the bunch as our new talent and dynamic staff gathered for a group photo, after talent agent Jordan Mac’s presentation. The presentation was informative and engaging in the best way possible, as those signing were able to learn Mac Talent Agency policies and expectations before being walked through the ins and outs of our talent contracts.

“I’ve never had an agency, like, go through the entire contract with me. I really appreciate that, this was awesome!”

-Greg M.

This was what one of our signed models had to say about his new representation. This value and recognition is exactly what we aim for, from start to finish when serving our clients. As far as representing our talent, many talent resources say there are questions you should be sure to ask when signing with a new agency. Among these questions are a few that can be critical to your interest in signing with any one in particular, such as:

Who are some of the agency’s clients?

What type of jobs do you book for your models?

What are your commission rates?

The answers to these questions, plus more, were thoroughly addressed before signing took place, without having to be asked; no shady business of avoiding questions or concealing info here! Contrarily, our new talent actually received a crash course on how to take more control of their own careers in the future.

It’s common knowledge that signing with a new talent agency isn’t always a walk in the park. Agencies typically have certain reasons for not selecting an individual to sign, or for terminating a contract that once worked. Understanding how you could potentially damage your brand is essential to growing in the industry, as you need to be aware of the things holding you back. This was another topic covered on Saturday: reasons we will not sign.

This is so clearly useful to share, as it saves the agency as well as the talent’s time and avoids wasting it. If we are looking to represent you, we already recognize that you have something to offer. Without heeding our guidelines though, this potential could be cancelled out.

You have standards.

You want to be represented

by an agency that has them, too.

We at Mac Talent Agency are constantly learning and strengthening our connection to both talent and clients alike. This past weekend was a chance to get everyone acquainted and for us to express what it means to gain representation through Mac Talent Agency. Premier service you can trust, with premier talent that delivers...and a pretty good time to show you we’re confident in both.

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